Grandfather Clock

An eight-day grandfather clock by George Kiddle of Sherborne with a painted square dial and an oak and mahogany case. The dial falseplate is marked "Finnemore" and the date wheel "Finnemore & Son", which suggests a date in the 1830s.

The 13 inch dial has restrained spandrel decoration in green and gold, and has a subsidiary seconds dial and a date aperture. The chased brass hands are good replacements for missing originals.

The case is of well-figured oak with extensive mahogany cross banding. The hood pillars are fluted, and the trunk corners are square but have forward-facing flutes. There is a mahogany panel below the square-topped trunk door, and the case feet appear to be original.

The fully-overhauled movement, which I am confident is original to the dial, is of normal eight-day layout, driven by two weights and striking the hours on a bell. This clock is priced at 2000, including delivery within 50 miles of Derby, setting up, and a two-year guarantee.

This clock was offered for sale by clock restorer Kevin Poole of Draycott Clocks . The clock has now been sold.
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6 November 2000
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