Domesday Book for Suffolk

East Anglian Miscellany Vol 17 1923 Item No 6538 - Ketel

There cannot be less than four persons thus termed in D. Book, and it appears remarkable that there cannot be more than six, since this Danish name was a general suffix in the Saxon form --"cytel." The most interesting of these is "Ketel, King Edward's thegn," who was possessed of the largest holding in Onehouse; this is not stated to be a lordship, though the inclusion of the soke shows it to have been one. It consisted of two hundred and twenty six acres, and embraced the church; there, too, this Thegn had the mund of ten freemen with sixty acres, but they were not of his homage, since he had no soke over them, and they were alienated after the Conquest. Elsewhere in this county Thegn Ketel is only found sharing the Rushford lordship with Thegn Alti, as there noticed.

Another substantial man is Freeman Ketel of Ixworth, where he held a lordship of two hundred acres, with a mill and six freemen, who had twenty-nine acres; he was in Ansgar the Staller's mund.

But I cannot find that Ansgar was Robert Blund's predecessor in Badwell Ash, for which reason the identity of the Ketel there cannot be proved; he held a lordship of 120 acres and three freemen, who had twenty two more.

Just possibly Ketel of Corton who was in Ulf Mannigesson's mund and there held forty acres, was that nephew Ketel who is named in Thurcytel Heyng's will of 1050 (Thetford); but he is almost as likely to have been the Ketel in no stated mund who held a half-share in eighteen acres at Uggeshall, or the other in Aluric's mund who had thirty acres and two freemen, with six more in Weston.

Ketelwa (the female name Ketelwaru) in Norman's commendation, holding part of seventy two communal acres in Trimley, is quite distinct. An apparently distinct Ketel is shown to have been a tenant of Bury St Edmunds about the year ?1050 (Kemble, CD, 921).

Claude Morley.

Source: Domesday Book A Survey of the Counties of England. 34 Suffolk. Phillimore 1986 ISBN 0 85033 480 2

The original entry gives more detail, such as animals and meadowland held. This summary contains Kettle names, placenames, extent of land and value of land.

Lands of the King

01 53Lothing Hundred. Browston; Ulfketel, free man 40 acres as a manor. Value 5 shillings.
01 122fRisbridge Hundred. Thurleston; Thorkell and one other hold St Lawrence's church with 12 acres since 1066.

Land of Earl Hugh

04 14Blything Hundred. Uggeshall; Askell, a free man held before 1066. 2 carucates. 1 church. Value 40 shillings.
04 19Wangford Hundred. Bungay; Ulfketel held 40 acres as a manor before 1066. Value 13s 4d.

Lands of Robert Malet in Suffolk

06 130Plomesgate Hundred. Aldeburgh; Arkell, free man, 30 acres. Value 5 shillings.
06 116Carlford Hundred. Rushmere; Thorkell, freeman. 44 acres value 2 shillings (with two others)
06 223Hartismere Hundred. Thorndon; Thorkell, a free man. 30 acres, value 10 shillings.
06 264Loes Hundred. Framlingham; Thorkell, a free man. 4 acres, value 2 shillings.
06 272Loes Hundred. Rendlesham; Ulfketel held before 1066. 1 carucate as a manor. Value 40 shillings.
06 274Loes Hundred. Clachestorp; Under the patronage of Ulfketel. 42 acres, value 7 shillings.
06 275Loes Hundred. Gedgrave; Under the patronage of the same Ulfketel. 30 acres, value 5 shillings.

Lands of Roger Bigot

07 13Bishop's Hundred. Heveningham; Ansketel holds since 1066. 1 carucate as a manor. Value 20 shillings.
07 25Blything Hundred. Covehithe; Under the patronage of Ulfketel. 20 acres value 3 shillings.
07 27Blything Hundred. Heveningham; Ulfketel, free man held 24 acres, value 8 shillings.
07 36Blything Hundred. Darsham; Ansketel the priest, Roger Bigot's chaplain, held 1 carucate Value 25 shillings. Thorkell was a smallholder.
07 37Blything Hundred. Strickland; Askell, free man. 60 acres with 5 others.
07 41Wangford Hundred. Ringsfield; One man under the patronage of Ulfketel.
07 49Wangford Hundred. Weston; Free man Ketel. 30 acres, value 30 shillings.
07 104Hundred of Colneis. Thorpe; Ketel Ura, free man held 72 acres with four others. Value 20 shillings.
07 109Hundred of Colneis. Wadgate; Askell free man held 15 acres with seven others. Value 3 shillings.
07 119Hundred of Colneis. Stratton; Ulfketel, free man 38 acres, value 6 shillings.
07 143Plomesgate Hundred. Sternfield; Free man Askell.

The Bishop of Thetford's holding

19 15Bishop's Hundred. Flixton; Askell, free man. 30 acres value 10 shillings 8 pence.

Suffolk Lands of St Etheldreda's

21 29Claydon Hundred. Westerfield; Thorkell, free man 8 acres value 16 pence.
21 30Claydon Hundred. Pettaugh; the same Thorkell 20 acres value 5 shillings.
21 62Cosford Hundred. Rushmere; Thorkell, a free man held before 1066. 80 acres, value 20 shillings.

Land of Gilbert, Bishop of Evereux

22 2Wilford Hundred. Wickham Market; Thorkell, free man, 20 acres. (In one version of the Book only)

Lands of Richard Son of Count Gilbert

25 53Bosmere Hundred. Badley; Askell held before 1066. 2 caucates and 20 acres as a manor. Value 60 shillings.

Lands of William of Warenne

26 12aBlything Hundred. Wrentham; Thorkell, a free man held before 1066. 2 carucates of land as a manor. Value 40 shillings.
26 12dBlything Hundred. Henstead; Thorkell of Wrentham.

Land of William brother of Roger of Auberville

30 3Bosmere Hundred. Bricett; Askell, a free man held 60 acres before 1066 as a manor, value 10 shillings.

Lands of Ranulf Peverell

34 6Stow Hundred. Onehouse; Ketel, a thane of King Edward's held 1.5 carucates and 20 acres, a church. Value 40 shillings.
34 7Bosmere Hundred. Burstall; Thorkell, a thane, held it before 1066 as a manor. 28 acres, value 5 shillings 4 pence.

Lands of Peter of Valognes

37 6Bradmere Hundred. Rushford; Ketel free man and thane held before 1066. 2 carucates. Manor. Value 30 shillings with one other person.

Lands of Roger of Rames

38 8Bosmere Hundred. Bricett; Ansketel holds since 1066. One carucate as a manor. Value 25 shillings.

Lands of Ranulf brother of Ilger

39 10Carlesford Hundred. Newbourn; Half free man Thorkell (named in one version of the Book only) held with 17 others. One carucate of land, 40 acres, value 20 shillings.

Land of Humphrey son of Aubrey

56 1Stow Hundred. Onehouse; 10 free men under patronage of Ketel.

Lands of Robert Blunt

66 10Bradmere Hundred. Ixworth; Ketel, free man, held 200 acres as a manor. Value 60 shillings.
66 13Entry not found. Index is incorrect.
66 16Hartismere Hundred. Wyverstone; R. Oudkell holds.

Lands of Hervey of Bourges

67 10Carlford Hundred. Grundisburgh; 2 men under the patronage of Askell, a guard, before 1066.

Lands of Gilbert the Crossbowman

68 2Blything Hundred. Chediston; Askell.
68 4Blything Hundred. Easton. Askell, freeman 20 acres 4 shillings (with one other person.)

Lands of Ralph the Crossbowman

69 3Lothingland half-hundred. Corton; Ketel before 1066. Freeman 4 shillings.

Land of Vavassors

74 13Claydon Hundred. Whitton; Thorkell 40s4d (with 29 others.)

Hugh of Houdain's annexation

76 14Hundred of Bosmere. Bricett; Askell 20 acres before 1066.

Berenger's annexation

76 19Blything Hundred. Uggeshall; Ketel. free man 20 acres, 3 shillings (with one other.)

Land of Roger Bigot

ENf4Loddon Hundred. Mundham; Ulfketel the King's reeve has held since 1066. 5 shillings.

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