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Anyone interested in KETTLE's from South Lincolnshire and Rutland, England between 1750 - 1900. I have a large database of KETTLE families from this area and would gladly share any info. This is an update to a message I posted couple of years ago as I have now changed my email address.
Nick Kettle

My father had a half brother named Edgar Ulf Kettle, born to Edgar Ulf and Minnie (Bulger)Kettle, 3 August 1890 in Birmingham, England. They once lived at Rose Cottage (no longer exists) on Kyrwicks Lane in Aston. I am seeking any information regarding his life and heirs.
Edgar Kettle

Does anyone have any details of John Percy (or Percy John) Kettle, who lived in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, England & died around 1952? He married a Mary Sandland, and had three sons; John, John Winston, and Cyril. Help would really be appreciated; thank you.
John Kettle
1 Syke Road, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 6LA, England
James Kettle married Caroline Terry Richardson (b.1834 Maidstone, Kent, ENG) and I understand that they moved to the "States". They had a daughter Emma and other children (whos names I do not know). Caroline was known as "Carrie". If you know anything about this family...where they settled in the US, childrens names, etc., I would love to share info with you. I have info. on Carrie Kettle's family. Thank you, Kath
email address: kathcampAThotmailDOTcom

I live in South Africa, Born 1971, Brother- Jason Kettle, Father- Clive Kettle, Mother- Marlene Kettle, Grand Mother- Edeth Kettle, Grand Father- Ernist Kettle.
Anthony Kettle
25 Glengariff Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005
I am the great granddaughter of the Charles Edward Kyttle b. 7/9/1884 & Sarah Alberta (Birdie) Long line. Application for Soc. Security card for Charles Edward Kyttle states that his father was Ira J. Kyttle & Clara Cragle - Union Twp. Luzerne Co., PA, USA dated June 7, 1937. My grandfather was Raymond Ernest Kyttle from Shickshinny. I welcome all & any correspondence or information to leads.
Jennifer (Kyttle) Mallory

I am Clayton Paul Kettle, son of Ronald Paul Kettle, grandoson of Lester Paul Kettle. My grandfather had 9 children; Ronald, Barbara, Lucian, Donald, Joel, Bill, Linda, and Kathy. My father had myself, Jeffrey and Ryan. I have Michael Paul and Zachary Austin. Jeff has Donovan and Ryan has Priscilla Anne and another on the way. My grandfather came from Mississippi, he and his children migrated to Texas (southeast). Most are still there. My grandfather has a siter named Pearl and a brother whose name I cant remember. Barbara had 2 daughters; Shelly and Rhonda. Lucian had Christina and little Lucian. Donald had Rhianna and I cant remember the names of his other children. Bill had a daughter. Kathy has a daughter and a son; Robert and Rachel. Linda had Larry, Lane and I cant remember the 3rd. Joe had Nicole. David had Kevin and Kyle. I think I got them all. Hope to hear from you.
Clayton Paul Kettle

My Great Grand Mother,Georgia Kettle, was from Colorado, USA. She Married, James Everett Secrest,her Daughter Georgia E. (Secrest)Davis,married my Grand Father, James Davis in 1920, sh died giving birth to her ird Child in 1930. Georgia Kettle Secrest,took care of her daughters children, until her death in 1940. Jame Secrest, was a Mule Skinner, they were both from Colorado.
My name is Stan LeCorno, I live in Los Angeles, Ca.Hello!
Stan LeCorno or another email address Stan LeCorno

I am seeking info on the ancestors of George Benjamin Kettle b.1871/2 Nyneaton, Warickshire England.
Spouse- Mary Taylor b.21/10/1874 d.20/4/1941 Nyneaton, Warickshire.
son-Edwin George Kettle. b Bendigo, Australia
spouse- Mary Cecily Bradshaw
son- Cyril William Kettle. b 1904 Victoria, Australia
linda kettle

I am from a long line of Kettle's from the western slope of Colorado USA. I have 8 children and have LOTS of relative's in Colorado. Where are you?

i am called james and my last name is kettle its my fist time on a snail mail so!!!
James You must leave some sort of address or no-one can reply to you. Sorry if I wasn't clear - snail mail is a name that emailers use to describe the regular paper post
james joseph kettle

Ketelaar is the dutch variant for someone who solded (or repaired) Kettles. I'm collecting information on Ketelaar on my website Please have look!. Arjen Ketelaar
Ketelaar web pages

Looking for Kettles Down Under??? I might be able to help. Robert Bruce Kettle, son of Bradley Ross Kettle, son of Thomas William Kettle. I have more info in a Biography thats locked in a chest that I can't find the key for. Its only a matter of time. Details of Kettles currently living in Western Australia, as well as some info on Thomas William Kettle when he was living in Colac, Victoria. Want to know more? Send an email my way.
Robert Bruce Kettle

I'm looking for any more Kittle-ketel- or Von Ketel before the 1400's I have some places that people could check out for like Graf's Father. LDS,or IIGI PlZ for any leads on Graf's past. E-mail me. Also see earlier message in 2003
TJ kittle or another email address at TJ kittle

hello im trying to search my family name Kettlety , my family traces to the Barry Island Kettletys near Cardiff Wales, from there i think to Wiltshire and Somerset , can anyone help me with the link please or do you know about the Kettlety family in wales , please contact me and thank you
wayne kettlety
48 feering street, newport, gwent, np19 0du, UK
hi everyone i am one of many kettle living in the essex area, i was born of Rose Gladys Kettle and Kenneth Charles Kettle in 1961 in Wargrave berkshire England, i have two older brothers , i have two daughters from my wife Denise Anne Kettle ( fomally CARVELL ) i also have many cousens living in and around the london area
philip w kettle

I am researching the Kettle family from Essex England. All around the Colchester area e.g Layer-de-la-hay.
Brenda kettle
41 Mill Dam Lane,Burscough,Ormskirk L40 7TG. England.

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