Kettle Leads 2005

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There were not many Kettle Leads in 2005 ... maybe all the Kettles have found one another already (in my dreams!) If you are still looking, then there are plenty of Kettle Leads for you in 2004 and earlier
I am researching a THOMAS KETTLES b. 1762 married MARGARET HARLEY in 1808 at Dunning, Perth, Scotland. He had a son CHARLES b.1820 m. MAY KINMOND/KINMONT in 1841 and then immigrated to Canada in 1842. Any information on the parents or siblings of THOMAS would be appreciated. Other children of Thomas are William b. 1793, Catherine b.1796, Helen b. 1808, Robert b. 1810, James b. 1815, and Charlotte b.1818. They resided at the PITKEATHLY FARMS in DUNBARNEY in the 1700/1800's. Also researching many KETTLES lines originating from Perthshire that came to USA and Canada in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Bruce Kettles

I am the daughter in law of Richard Douglas Kettle of Bedford,Tx, USA. If anyone has any relation to him, I would like to speak with you.Justin Richard Kettle and I have just had our first child Britley Davis Kettle.We would like for her to know some of her relatives.I know Richard has a sister Robyn Kettle in Florida but, I would like to know if any other relatives are still around.
Angela Davis Kettle

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