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I am looking for the origin and meaning of KETTLETY ... and also the coat of arms ... thank you!
Bradley Kettlety

Jonathan Comstock Kittell was born March 8, 1803, and moved to Sheldon, Vermont, USA at an early age. I would like to trace the family back from the time before he moved to Sheldon and married Elizabeth Hawley. We believe his father, Charles resided in Poultney, VT and that the family may have come from France via Wales.
Lewis Edward Kittell
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I am trying to trace a David Kettle who married Margaret Smitten in Perth, Scotland, they had a son James Kettle in 1806 who married a Jane Smith, they had a son David. Jane died in child birth, James then moved to Newcastle on Tyne where he then married Mary Ann Ward and had two other children. He ran a Tailor and Drapers Business on the Quayside for 30 years.
Frank Moss

I'm looking for infomation on my father's side of my family, his name was Leo James Orin Kittell, born 3/1/1900; mother Bridgette, father unknown. There were 10 children so I must have aunts and uncles one brother's name was Sam the rest I don't know. My 2 older sisters lived with the Kittells in Wisc, USA for a while in the 1930's and are looking too. I would like to trace the tree back from there to England or at least the east coast. I think they considered themselves Pennsylvania Dutch and were Catholic. Thank you.
Karen Kittell

I am trying to find out my family history- my parents died in Canada, when I was a child. They had immigrated here from Scotland. My mother's name was Jane (Jean) Anderson Kettles Watson and she married James Cusack. Can anyone help?
Eileen Ansell

Betsy was born in 1953. She was in My first grade class in Lakewood, New York, USA. I anonymously gave her a heart necklace that she wore for years after. Time to tell her who gave it to her. Help
Fred Schroth

I am researching a THOMAS KETTLE married MARGARET HARLEY in 1796 at Dunbarney, Perth, Scotland. He had a son CHARLES b.1820 m. MAY KINMOND/KINMONT in 1841 and then immigrated to Canada in 1842. Any information on the parents of THOMAS would be appreciated. They resided at the PITKEATHLY FARMS in DUNBARNEY in the 1700's.
Bruce Kettles

I'd appreciate information on GEORGE KETTLE who married RACHEL DOORBAR, c 1840's. They would have been residing Biddulph, Congelton area of England. Their children, as best I have been able to ascertain include Sarah Ann b Congelton, Staffs, 1871, Polly, Eliza, and possibly Thomas, John and Hannah (?) in the period 1847-1852. Thankyou.
Barbara Cribb
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I am trying to find out if and how Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth KETTLE may be related to (H)Esther Caroline DURRANT or Benjamin PYCRAFT. Thomas and Sarah were witnesses to the marriage of Esther & Benjamin in May 1837 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Esther DURRANT and her siblings (my ancestral line) moved to G Yarmouth from Smallburgh in Norfolk after their mother Lydia (nee RUSSEL(L)S)) died in 1829. I assume they stayed with relatives, perhaps the Kettles who witnessed the above marriage? Any help appreciated.
Sharyn Seaboryne
c/o 234 The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington 2, New Zealand
Does anyone know anything about Jimmy Kettle from Glasgow, Scotland? Born Carlisle, Scotland moved to Glasgow in teens. Married Maggie. Sons David and George were international swimmers for Scotland. Any information about the family?
Gregory Watson
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My gg grandmother was Annie (or Ann) Walker KETTLE, born abt. 1785; died 10 Feb. 1847; buried in Dunbarney Cemetery. I am interested in connecting with anyone who would have knowledge about the family of Annie Walker Kettle or the area of Dunbarney, Perthshire. She married John Geddes, born abt. 1777; died Mar 1849 and also buried in the same cemetery.
Isabel Palmeter
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I'm stuck trying to find a record for a baptism of William Kittle at about 1790, hopefully in the Wilford diocese of Suffolk, England. William married Hannah Ling on 29 October 1811 at Butley, Suffolk and the next two generations lived at Butley.
David Smith, 31 Beechgrove, Ipswich, IP3 0NX, England.
On 1 Sept 1846 Robert Cockerill married Mary Kittle, a spinster of full age, of Bath Street, Parish of St Lukes, Middlesex, England. Mary's father was John Kittle, farmer. I don't know which part of the country the Kittles come from, but other branches of the family came from Suffolk.
Carole, 33 Quayside Close, Turner's Quay, London Road, Nottingham, NG2 3BP, England.
Charles Kettle and Sarah (Curtis) had a child Sarah Kettle on 15th March 1798 in Tattingstone, Suffolk, England. She had an illegitimate son Henry by Samuel Bullard. Henry was baptised 18 March 1821 in Tattingstone. He married Mary Pryett on 29 Nov 1842 in Brantham, Suffolk and later generations lived in Brantham.
Jack Kirk, 4 Linden Close, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs, CB6 3UN, England.
I am researching Kettles from the Winterton area of Norfolk. I would like to hear from anybody else with like interests. My branch of this tribe migrated to Goole, Yorkshire, during the latter half of the 19th century.
Tony Kettle
1 Westview Avenue, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada, A2H 3B7
I am trying to locate an Aunt of mine or her relatives. She was Doris HARVEY, born in Dover around 1919, so if still alive would be about 78 now (in 1998). At the start of the 39/45 war she married John KETTLE and during the war they were evacuated to Stafford, living close to my grandparents. At the end of the war they returned to Dover and have not been heard of since.
I am compiling a family history and I only learnt of this Aunt from her cousin (another Aunt) who emigrated to Canada after the war. It would be great to make contact with her or with any of her children after all this time.
Walter Harvey
I have traced my KETTLE line back to the marriage of Samuel KETTLE and Mary CHAPMAN in 1792. All events until 1850 were in Kelsale, Suffolk, England. During the following two generations, the family lived in Rendlesham in Suffolk and Eltham in Kent.
John Kettel, 43 Overhill Way, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 6SN, England.
I have an ancestor named Peter KETTEL / GOETTEL who married Maria Eva FREDERICK 02 May 1748. Believe his children to be Margaret who married Michael Wolf, Jacob m: Magdalene, and Anna Maria m: Leonhard STROH. There were in Dauphin and Lancaster Co. PA.
Name temporarily withdrawn
I have KETTLE/KETTELL ancestors in Buckinghamshire (Colnbrook area) and Gloucestershire (Winchcombe). John KETTELL c1812-c1836 married Ann HEDGES in Bucks and had three children, John, Elizabeth and Samuel. I'm looking for John KETTELL jnr, papermaker in the 1851 census. It appears he was not in the Poyle/Stanwell area or in Bucks. He married Rachel TURNER had daughter Selina and then married Rebecca Mahaleth FREEMAN and had children Ann Elizabeth, Dorcas Eliza, Mary Agnes and John Freeman.
The origin of my lot pre 1830s is uncertain, but there was a family tale that they came from Kings Lynn.
Martin Phelps
Mary KETTLES base born daughter of Sarah KETTLE was baptised 5 December 1756 Reymerston, Norfolk. Mary married my'father John COLLINS at Lyng 13 October 1776.
June E Davison, 20 Derby Road, URMSTON, Manchester, M41 0UE, England.
Martha KETTLE married Thomas GRINT at Norton Subcourse, Norfolk on 1st October 1745. She was buried there on 12 December 1781 aged 66 but I have not found her baptism c1715. The only other mention I have in that parish is 14th August 1748 burial of Margery KETTLE widow.
Marjorie Grint, 31 Western Road, Havant. Hants, PO9 1NJ, England.
Nicholas KETTLE of Cantley, Norfolk, England and his wife Anne had four children: Nicholas on the 3rd September 1718, Anne (who subsequently married my William BARNES) on the 14th April 1720, John on the 7th January 1728 and another John on 8th October 1731. I'd like to know:
Date and place of the marriage of Nicholas KETTLE and Anne.
Date and place of the birth or baptism of Nicholas KETTLE.
Peter Barnes, 1 Forest Edge Close, Ashley Heath, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 2DZ, England.

Samuel KETTLE was a Clerk from Audley, Staffordshire. He was tried in Summer Assizes (Lancaster, England) on 23 August, 1820 for a crime entitled, "Uttering a false order for money". Samuel was found guilty and sentenced to death. This sentence was commuted to transportation and life.
He was transported to Australia on the Ship "Speke 1" which left England on 22 December, 1820 and arrived in Australia on 18 May, 1821.
Samuel was married to Mary ICKE on 24 March 1805 at Newport, Shropshire, England and had a son Henry and three daughters.
Mary and the daughters arrived in the colony in 1822 as a free person on the ship "Jupiter". Records indicate that Henry came to Australia on the "Countess of Harcourt" in January, 1823.
Samuel was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather on my Fathers Mothers side.
Tony Wehlow
I have been searching in vain for info on my ancestor, Jacob KETTLE (later in his application for a pension from Am Rev he spelled it KYTLE) The later spelling is the one the family uses today. Jacob was born in Lancaster, PA, was in NC when he enlisted in Am Rev. and died in Greenville, SC. Somewhere in there he married and his wife died. I have info going forward on Kytles who went to Georgia and then to Alabama. Family history says Jacob's family may have come from Germany.
Pat McMillan
I have recently found out that we have Mary KETTLE married to Thomas SANT. I believe this was in Cheshire 1744.
Shirley Sant
P.O. Box 722199, San Diego, Ca. 92172-2199, USA
My mother lived at Ockenden village, Essex with my grandparents for many years. I am the youngest by far in a family of three so my parents were quite old compared to myself...almost two generations older. So as a result my grandfather KETTLE died 10 years before I was born. I feel I knew most relatives only distantly & through my parents. Now my parents are no longer around (I lost my Dad in 1980 & Mum in 1995) maybe this is driving me to find out a bit more about the people before me. I always knew we had relatives in Colchester on the KETTLE side but I certainly did not realise how many years they went back there. Family links with them &/or their descendants seem to have evaporated of have never been formed.
Kathy & I have now established that we have ancestors who were still in the Mile End, Colchester area in 1772 & we have a Thomas & Elizabeth KETTLE (husband & wife) who would take us back to the 1730s there if we can connect them.
Mike James' web pages
Mike James
Tom lives in USA. His ancestors emigrated from Lincolnshire, England sometime between 1854 and 1941.
Tom KETTLE's web pages
Thomas N. Kettle
6 July 1998: Tom's computer is broken, so he may take a long time to reply to your email. Don't worry, he'll reply eventually.
There is a Kettle connection in my wife's family tree (STOLLERY). William KETTLE (1871-1944) buried at Clacton Cemetery, married 10 March 1902 at Kirton, SFK to Nellie Emily STOLLERY (1874-1939). Their son was John (Jack) William KETTLE, b. 25 June 1904, married Marjory Clark. They had 2 daughters and one son named Brian. Around 1975 Jack lived in Hounslow, London.
Paul Pedersen
James KETTLE / KITTLE / KIDDLE was born in about 1767/8. He lived in Thetford, Norfolk, England as a young man, then was Innkeeper at The Crown in Northwold, Norfolk until his death from epilepsy in 1840. I'm looking for his birth and parents.
More detail is in my family tree.
Anna Kettle
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