John Palmer Anthony KETTLE

20th February 1863 Source Kettle family Bible
About February 1863. Castle Acre, NFK. Source Grandad or Uncle Jack.
Q1 1863. Freebridge Lynn registration district, NFK. Source GRO Birth indexes.
February 1859. Castle Acre. Source Swaffham Primitive Methodist Records.
c1863. Castle Acre, Norfolk Source 1901 Census
James Kettle and Mary Drew
05 Jan 1866. Minister William Rudd. Source Swaffham Primitive Methodist Records.
30 Mar 1881. 66 ?Further? Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1881 Census
1891 Heigham, Norwich (lodger with Caroline Waterson) Source 1891 Census
The Cott (sp.?), when first married. Grandad then told me about Alan Coe (Ex Avenue Road School, Norwich School, University) who came to live in the last house in The Cott. Source Grandad. I think Alan is notable because he was the only boy before my Dad from Avenue Road School to reach such dizzy intellectual heights. Source FSK
Kelly's directory 1896 & 1929 show Cott's yard, Pottergate. No Kettles are listed, but only head of household is shown, not lodgers.
1901. 7 Derby Street, Norwich, Norfolk Source 1901 Census
Before 10 Nov 1896 - after 1907. ?31? Derby Street, Norwich, NFK. Source Family knowledge.
Photo of toolkit Photo of toolkit 03 April 1881. Painter. Source Census 1881.
Circa 1888. Footman or Coachman for a family. The regalia, a blue uniform with red collar (was) kept and his granddaughter Doreen had a hat box. Either he wouldn't go to Scotland with the family he worked for or his wife wouldn't go to Scotland with him. Source Grandad or Uncle Jack.
1901. House painter (worker) Source 1901 Census
c.1914-c.1918. Camouflage painter in Birmingham during the 1st world war. Source Grandad or Uncle Jack.
Painter and glazier at Pullen and Mace. Source Grandad or Uncle Jack.
Q4 1896. Mary Ann Starkings Norwich. Source GRO Marriage index.
(Ethel Starkings), Anthony James, Jessie Magdalene, Alice Laura, Frederick Sidney, Nellie Kathleen and Jack Arthur
December 27th 1917. Source Gravestone, Earlham Cemetery. Of lead poisoning after roofing the Roman Catholic cathedral in Norwich. Source Grandad or Uncle Jack.
There was plenty of lead in paint in those days, so roofing the cathedral might not have been the only cause.
Earlham Cemetery, Norwich, NFK. Gravestone: 'In loving memory of John Anthony Kettle who died December 27th 1917 Aged 54. There is a link death cannot sever. Love and remembrance last forever. Also Mary Ann Kettle who died Nov 29 1944 Aged 77. Reunited.' Source Gravestone, Earlham Cemetery.
Missing from 1871 Castle Acre census.
My father remembers that on his grandparents' hall wall was an ornate 2'*3' certificate; Certificate of competence / member of guild for John Palmer Anthony Kettle. FSK thought this was a certificate of amalgamation to a union. Suggestion made by fellow researcher that if could have been an insurance policy.
It was almost all white and had a ladder on it with a man going up the ladder, perhaps wearing a cap. Source Jean.
My father has JPAK's toolbox (pictures above). The tools have seen a lot of wear. Included is a stamp: J.P.A.K which he used to mark his tools.
He played in a band (banjo? piano?) in a pub on Friday and Saturday. Source Jean
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