James Kettle family bible

c1836 Source 1851 Census
c1838 Castleacre, Norfolk Source 1901 Census
John Palmer Kettle and Charlotte Catherine Jeary
27 Mar 1836. Castle Acre. R Jackson, Curate. Source Parish register Castle Acre, NFK.
06 June 1841. The Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1841 Census
30 Mar 1851. St James Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1851 Census
07 April 1861. St James Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1861 Census
02 April 1871. St James Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1871 Census
03 April 1881. ?Further? Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1881 Census
1891. Further Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1891 Census
1886 to 1900. Listed on the electoral register for Castle Acre. Qualification: Dwelling house; Cottage, St James Green. He was an occupation voter, as opposed to a property owning voter. He is missing from the 1901 Castle Acre electoral register. Source Electoral register
I have a map showing where the cottage was. It is no longer there. Source ML
1901. St James Green, Castle Acre, Norfolk Source 1901 Census
30 Mar 1851. Apprentice wheelwright. Source Census 1851.
02 February 1859. Wheelwright. Source Frederick's birth certificate.
07 April 1861. Journeyman wheelwright. Source Census 1861.
02 April 1871. Wheelwright. Source Census 1871.
03 April 1881. Wheelwright. Source Census 1881.
1891. Wheelwright Source 1891 Census
1901. Wheelwright (worker) Source 1901 Census
Mary Drew Q3 1858. Freebridge Lynn registration district. Ref: 4b561. Source GRO Marriage index.
Frederick Jabez James, John Palmer Anthony, Jessie Madeline, Charlotte Mary and Arthur Oldman
Memorial card Q1 1911. Freebridge Lynn registration district. Source GRO Death index.
FSK said he died on a Sunday while reading the paper. FSK was a child and remembers the telegram arriving. Possible Sundays are 01 Jan 1911 and 8 Jan 1911.
12 Jan 1911, Castle Acre. VJ Powell, Vicar. Source Parish register Castle Acre, NFK.

The Kettle family kettle When Grandad (FSK) was a child in Norwich, James provided fruit and rabbits for the family. Source Grandad.

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