Frederick Jabez James KETTLE

2 February 1859 at Castle Acre. Registered as Fredric Jabez James Kettle. Source Birth certificate.
3 February 1859. Source Kettle family bible.
3 February 1859. Castle Acre. Source Swaffham Primitive Methodist Records.
James Kettle and Mary Drew
28 October 1868. Source Swaffham Primitive Methodist Records
07 April 1861. 31 St James Green, Castle Acre. Source 1861 Census
02 April 1871, 53 St James Green, Castle Acre, NFK. Source 1871 Census
1881. 45 Gwydir St ("Gwydir Arms"), St Andrew the Less, Cambridge. Lodger with James Stimpson Source 1881 Census Doc 294
1891. 128 Cats Pit Lane, North Walsham, Norfolk Source 1891 Census
02 April 1871, Scholar. Source 1871 Census
1881 Stonemason. Source 1881 Census Cambridge Doc 294
28 September 1886. Stonemason, probably in Norwich. Source Charlotte's birth certificate Doc 199.
1 September 1888. Stonemason (Journeyman), probably in Norwich. Source Lilian's birth certificate.
1891 Stonemason Source 1891 Census
Before 14 September 1894. Stonemason Journeyman. Source Death certificate.
To Sarah Day. Presumably a common law marriage, because I searched the GRO index 1880-1888 but didn't find a marriage.
c1883 Jessie Kettle
c1884 Anthony Leonard Kettle / Leonard Watts
1886 Charlotte Mary Kettle
1888 Lilian Kettle/Watts
c1891 Frederick Robert Kettle/Watts
c1893 Maybe Mabel Kettle/Watts
10 September 1894. Source Kettle family bible.
14 September 1894. Gas House Lane, North Walsham. "Abscess of hand 5 days, septicemia 5 days." Informant is Isabella Gee who was present at the death. Source Death certificate.
Walter James Watts presumably married Sarah Day and they probably lived somewhere in the North Walsham area. They had at least one child, then Walter went to Canada. Sarah went to live with Frederick Kettle and they had children. Perhaps it was after Fred's death that Walter returned from Canada and he and Sarah moved back together.
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