Sarah DAY

Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah and horse
c1859 Source 1881 census
c1861 Source 1891 census
c1862 Source 1901 census
1881. Swafield Road, North Walsham, Norfolk. Living her son Walter J Watts and her parents. Source 1881 Census
c1883 Booton, Lincolnshire when Jessie Kettle was born. Source 1891 census
c1885 Wallingfield, Suffolk when Anthony Leonard Kettle was born.Source 1891 census
28 September 1886. Old Barge Yard, Norwich, NFK. Source Charlotte's birth certificate. Doc 199.
1 September 1888. 5 Union Street, Heigham, Norwich. Source Lilian's birth certificate.
c1891 North Walsham, Norfolk when Frederick Robert Watts was born. (So he is really a Kettle) Source 1891 census
1891. 128 Cats Pit Lane, North Walsham, Norfolk. Source 1891 census
1895 Walter James Watts signed a contract to lease Pygnes Farm at Knapton. No proof that they were back together at this time. Source Doc 476
1901 At Pigney Farm, Knapton, named Sarah Watts Source 1901 Census
Dressmaker Source 1881 census
Wife. Source 1891 census
c1879 to Walter James Watts. I haven't searched for this marriage.
c1886 to Frederick Kettle. Probably a common law marriage, because I searched the GRO index 1880-1888 but didn't find a marriage.Source Copy of birth certificate of Charlotte 52. Doc 199
c1880 Walter J Watts
c1883 Jessie Kettle
c1885 Anthony Leonard Kettle / Leonard Watts
1886 Charlotte Mary Kettle
1888 Lilian Kettle/Watts
c1891 Frederick Robert Kettle/Watts
c1893 Mabel Kettle/Watts
1898 Hilda Watts
1918. She died in the same week that her son Fred was reported dead, so she was spared the knowledge.Source Family knowledge.
Walter James Watts presumably married Sarah Day and they probably lived somewhere in the North Walsham area. Walter junior was born because the family story is that "he never forgave his father for leaving his mother". Walter went to Canada. Sarah lived in an unofficial marriage partnership with Frederick Kettle and they had several children together. Walter came back from Canada and lived first at Pygnes farm, Bacton and then Bacton Wood Farm, Edingthorpe with Sarah and her brood.
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