Mary Susannah STINTON

21 Nov 1779 Croxton, NFK. (as Mary Stinton, not Mary Susannah Stinton) Source Croxton Parish Register
29 Mar 1804, Croxton, NFK. Name: Kinton. Source Parish records Croxton, NFK.
31 Mar 1805, Ousden, SFK, Could be 1806. Source Parish records Ousden, SFK.
23 May 1813 Northwold, NFK Source Parish register, Northwold, NFK. Doc 157 1837 Enclosure of Collage Fen. It is not clear whether this land is owned by her or her daughter Mary Susannah Kettle

Plot 32 1:3: Maintain fences on east side
Apportionment of rents to be made to maintain roads and drains etc
Number on old map 21

06 June 1841, East End, Northwold, NFK. Source Census 1841.
10 November 1841 At Northwold Manor Court; Admitted into land in Low Bottom Field which used to belong to her husband.
06 June 1841, East End, Northwold, NFK.Source Census 1841 Doc 155.
30 Mar 1851, 150 Northwold ?Street?, Northwold, NFK. Source Census 1851. Doc 155

06 June 1841, Innkeeper. Source Census 1841.
30 Mar 1851, Land & house proprietor. Source Census 1851.
James Kettle/Kittle/Kiddle 29 March 1804. Croxton, NFK. By licence. Source Parish Register, Croxton, NFK
John Palmer, Mary Susannah, Sarah, Elizabeth and Ann
Q2 1859. Thetford, NFK. Source GRO Death index
22 June 1859 Source WI
26 June 1859 Northwold aged 80 yearsSource Northwold burial register PD 373/17 Doc 198
Gravestone in Northwold churchyard: In memory of Mary Susanna Kettle who departed this life June 22 1859 in the 80 years of her life.Source Transcript Doc 196 and Photo Doc 212
I have also read her name as HILTON, KINTON, STILTON and KENTON. Some, but not all of these will be my interpretation of badly written STINTON.
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