Mary Susanna(h) KETTLE

29 Mar 1808. Ousden, SFK. Source Parish register Ousden, SFK.
1841 census says she was born in Norfolk. Source Census 1841.
1811 Source Wendy Inskeep.
10 April 1808. Ousden, SFK. Source Parish register Ousden, SFK.
1837 Enclosure of Collage Fen. It is not clear whether this land is owned by her or her mother Mary Susannah Kettle

Plot 32 1:3: Maintain fences on east side
Apportionment of rents to be made to maintain roads and drains etc
Number on old map 21

06 June 1841. East End, Northwold, NFK. Source Census 1841.
30 Mar 1851. 150 Northwold ?Street?, Northwold, NFK. Source Census 1851.
07 April 1861. 71 Crown Street, Northwold, NFK. Source Census 1861.

07 April 1861. Funded & household ?Pensioner? (See Doc 154). Source Census 1861.
Not in 1871 census of Northwold.
She signed her name as Thettle when she was witness to the wedding of Ann (58). The 'Th' is probably a fancy 'K' but I'd never have guessed.
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