I have now found a clear example of Kettle = Kiddle in 1710. The person in question was illiterate and lived in Norfolk, England. Spoken with a Norfolk accent, the two names sound much the same.
I quote from a recent e-mail received from Terry Kiddle Gordon. [ Terry has been researching her maiden surname for 17 years or more and has registered KIDDLE and it's variants as a One Name Study, with The Guild of One Name Studies - member No. 396 and she welcomes all contacts regarding KIDDLE / KEDDLE etc. ]

I too have found one or two Kittle / Kettle references in early registers in the Wincanton area of Somerset. They do seem to keep separate don't they. Your notes about Ketil - "he" also crops up in the Domesday book for Somerset. I was told many years ago that Ketil meant Pot or Cauldron and could also be applied to an apparatus used in the water for catching fish. Kiddle also means the same according to O.E.D. as Old French.

Kidel is also a Russian surname. There used to be a journalist many years ago on The Daily Mail called Boris Kidel - also I had been told by another contact that they had had some correspondence with some Kidel's who informed them of the Russian background. Alas I never did get any further with that one.

I think the conclusion we must draw is that our surnames are some of the ancient names of Britain and occur in areas where the Danes or Norse settled and had land which they farmed. The area around the Somerset levels is one of them.

I also have a theory and wonder if you have noticed it at all with the Kittle / Kettles - they, the Kiddles liked areas that are flat! Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Somerset, parts of Dorset, Huntingdon, Hertfordshire around Stevenage, Humberside parts of Wales where it's not too hilly. Another thing that is noticeable with my rural Kiddle's is their longevity.

I have around 5300 individuals on index cards and I am in the process of entering them into " Reunion for Windows". Plus in " Works for Windows" I have Birth, Marriage and Death indexes collected from G.R.O. and Probate details. Transcribing the cards and retyping my G.R.O. indexes into an easily sorted format provides linkages all the time, so the number of cards increases with each batch of input.

My part of the Kiddle family originated in the Wincanton area and spread out from there. Some also became Keddle - due in part to accent - via Wales and a family row! The earliest Kiddle / Kiddall I have comes from South Ferriby in north Lincolnshire around 1300.

Terry Kiddle Gordon
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