Ketel in medieval Cumberland and Westmorland

There were several Ketel's in medieval Cumberland and Westmorland (in north-west England): Ketel son of Benedict, Ketel son of Orm, Ketel son of Uctred, Ketel son of Dolfin, Ketel son of Eldred, Ketel son of Ulf etc.
Source: R.K. in soc.genealogy.medieval

There are various articles in the Transactions of the Archaeological and Antiquarian Society of Cumberland and Westmorland which refer to the Ketels, Gospatric, etc.
Source: P.G. in soc.genealogy.medieval

I was curious to find out whether or not Ketel, Baron Kendal, was any sort of near contemporary of Ketel Krok. Here is a chart lining things up, based primarily upon ANCESTRAL ROOTS, charts 34 and 38:

                           1              2
                 Aelfflaed===AETHELRED II===Emma       Godwine
                           |   d.1016     |        _______|_________
                           |              |       |       |         |
              Uchtred===Aelfgifu       EADWARD=(Sister) HAROLD II Tostig
              d.1016  |           ________________________|         |?
                      |       ???|         |              |         |
         Maldred===Ealdgyth      |      Eadmund         Gytha  KETIL KROK
         d.1045  |               |
                 |               |
             Gospatric I===('Sister of                KETEL
              d.1075     |   Eadmund')             Baron Kendal
                         |                  (Son of Eldred, Baron Kendal)
                 ________|________         ______________|____
                |                 |       |                   |
    Sigrid===Waltheof         Gunnhild===Orm          Gilbert(Kilvert)
    living |                           | of Seaton    4th. Baron Kendal
     1126  |                           |                      |
           |                           |                      |
        Gunnhild===Uchtred         Gospatric       William I de Lancaster
                 | de Galloway       d.1179           5th. Baron Kendal
                 |  d.1174                                 d.1170
                 |                                            |
                 |                                  Avicia de Lancaster
                 |                                md.Richard de Morville,
                 |                                        d.1189
                 |____________                    ____________|
                              |                  |
                     Roland de Galloway===Elena de Morville
                       d.19 Dec. 1200      d.11 June 1217
Note that Ketil Krok, reputed son of Earl Tostig, is more or less contemporaneous with Ketel, son of Eldred, Baron Kendal. Snorri Sturluson omitted the Icelandic tradition that Ketil Krok and his brother Skuli were sons of Tostig, saying rather that these two were of noble English extraction. Is it possible that Skuli was a brother of Ketel, Baron Kendal, son of Eldred? I doubt there is any reason, beyond the name and the chronological correlation, to identify Ketil Krok as Ketel, Baron Kendal. The Icelandic tradition making them sons of Tostig could be true after all.
Source: J.O. in soc.genealogy.medieval

In addition to the fact that the name was not rare, as pointed out above, there is also the fact that Ketil Krok lived in Norway, and it is therefore doubtful that he was connected to the men in the British Isles having that name.
Source: S.B. in soc.genealogy.medieval

I think one of your Ketil problems could be resolved if you were to consult my dropline for the years 1100 - 1150 you will find one of your Ketels that is: Ketel son of Eldred. Eldred is an abbreviation for Ethelred and Eldred was so called by that name in honour of his father/grandfather King Ethelred. It is an area that I am trying to clear up. It would appear that Ethelred married a Cumbrian princess after his harrowing of Cumbria (1000 CE). Who exactly this person was is what I am trying to pin point.
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