Kettles in Egil's Saga

                                            |                 |
                                        Hallbjorn          Hallbera
                                            |                 |
Hildirid (2) = Bjorgolf = wife (1)    KETIL TROUT          Kveldulf = Salbjorg
             |             |                |                       |
        _____|_____        Brynjolf   =   Helga            _________|__________  
        |         |                   |                    |                  |
      Harek    Hraerek             Bard (1) = Sigrid = Thorolf (2)       Skallagrim
                                        |                            _______|________
                                      Grim                           |              |
                                                                  Thorolf          EGIL   
Harek and Hrærek were called 'The Hildiridarsons'. They convinced King Harald of Norway that Thorolf was double crossing him, so Harald killed Thorolf. Ketil Trout killed the Hildiridarsons in revenge.
In about 890, Ketil Trout landed in Iceland with his wife, children and followers, in the west beyound the sandy beaches to Thjors River in the east. He spent the first winter west of Outer Rang River then explored the land to the east and took possessionof land between Thjors and Markar rivers, from the mountains to the sea. He made his home at Hof near the Eastern Rang River at a place now (c1300) called Hrafnstead. Hrafn was born here.

                                 Ulf the Fearless
                           |                        |
                   Hallbjorn Half-Troll           Hallbera
                           |                        |
                KETIL TROUT of Hrafnista    Ulf Bjalfason (Kveld Ulf)
                 Hrafnhild = Thorkel
                     KETIL TROUT = Ingunn
      |                |          |          |                              |
   Storolf          Herjolf     Helgi      Vestar = Moeid                 Hrafn
      |                |                          |                         |
Orm the strong     Sumarlidi                     Asny = Ofeig Grettir    Thorlaug = Jorund the Priest
                       |                                                          |
                   Veturlidi                                                Valgard of Hof
Sons of Ketil Trout: Storolf farmed at Hval and Storofsvoll. Herjolf occupied an area west of the Markar River to the river west of Breidabolstead, to Hval's brook. He farmed at Brekkir. Helgi farmed at Vellir, from the Rang River to the settlement of his brothers. Vestar occupied an area east of Rang River to Thver river including lower Storofsvoll. He lived at Moeidarhvoll. Hrafn was born in Iceland c890. He became Iceland's first lawspeaker and was the greatest of Ketil's sons. He farmed at Hof after his father.

Veturlidi was a poet.

Ketil Trout of Hrafnista is a ?fictional? relative of Örvar (Arrow) Odd and has his own saga q.v. Also see "Arrow Odd - A medieval novel" published by the New York University Press.

          KETIL BLUND
              Geir = Thorunn
     |               |                 |
BLUND KETIL   Thorgeir Blund   Thorodd Hrisablund 
Ketil Blund was a rich Norwegian of good family who brought a trading ship to Iceland to find a farm. He spent the winter at Skalagrim, then settled above Oleif's land claim along the Hrit River between Flokadale River including the tongue of land up to Raudsgill and all Flokadale above the slopes. He farmed at Thrandarholt.

Geir farmed Geirstead and Reykjadale at Upper Reykir. He was known as Geir the Wealthy.

Thorgeir Blund first farmed below Blundsvatn, south of the Hvit River, then he moved to Anabrekka. There is a Thorgeir Blund who is described as Egil's nephew, though I don't know if it is this one.

Grim Hairycheek
Ketil Trout had a sword called Dragvendil which he used in single combat. He gave it to his son, Grim Hairycheek. It was given to Egil in 948 by Arinbjorn of York.

      |                      | 
Grim Thorisson            Hromund
                     Thruid Sowthistle (female)
                      Illugi the Black
Grim Thorisson looked after the ship after Kveldulf's death on the way to Iceland. A wealthy man of good family, he was given land on the southe side of Borgarfjord. His farm was called Hvanneyri and stretched from the Andakils River to Grim's River.

Hromund made his home at Thverarhlid c939-945.

In about 946 KETIL THE HADALANDER was one of King Eirik Bloodaxe's retainers and pilot of Eirik's ship. He was a fine big man, good looking, closely related to the King. He and the King were very much alike to look at. He was hit in the belly by a spear thrown by EGIL.

Now the bitter bearer
Of the blazing war-blade
Has taken ten
Of my trusted followers
But my salmon like spear
Settled the score
When I cast it through
The curved ribs of Ketil.
- Egil

Came to Iceland c959 when it was almost fully settled and had difficulty finding land. His slaves ran away, committed murder and were hunted down and killed by the avenging son Lambi. He made his home at Thorskafjord west across Breida fjord. Gufa Dale and Gufu Fjord are named after him.

        |                              |
THORKEL GUNNVALDSSON            Trefil of Helgi
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