Kettles in Grettir's Saga

                        |                                        |
                 Olvir the Babyman                        Oleif the Broad
                        |                                        |  
Haeing    ----------------------------------               Thermod Shaft
  |       |            |                   |                     
Vestar  Einar       Steinolf            Steinmod
  |       |            |                   |
 Asny = Ofeig      Una = Thorbjorn       Konal
      |(Grettir)            the            |
      |                  Salmon-man     Steinmod   KETIL THE ONE HANDED
      |                                    |         |
      |                                 Halldora = Eilif
   |         |       |     |    |
 Asmund    Asbjorn Aldis Aesa Asvor

The Lawman was Thorkell Mani ...

Thorkell Krafla now begain to grow very old. He was a great chieftain and held the Vatnsdal Godord. He was a close friend of Asmund Longhair as befitted the close relations in which they stood to one another. He had therefore, been in the habit of riding every year in the spring to Bjarg to visit his kinsmen there ... Thorkell asked Asmund what his heart told him about his sons, and what professions they were likely to follow. Asmund said that Atli would probably be a great landowner, very careful and wealthy ... (Grettir) will be a strong man; but headstrong and quarrelsome.

... a trading ship belonging to one Thorkell, a man of some consideration in Salfti in Halogaland ... There was a man named Bjorn ... related in some way to Thorkell.

    Aud the Deep-Minded
     Thorstein the Red
            |                      |
       Olaf Feilan       ----------------------
            |            |                    |
      Thord Yeller    Asgeir Hothead          X 
            |            |                    |
     THORKELL KUGGI = Thurid            Asmund Longhair

            Thorir of Melar, Hrutafjord later of Skard, Haukadal
          |                    |        |
        Helga=Sleitu-Helgi   Gunnar  Thorgeir

... to Gervidal, where dwelt a man named Thorkell. He was well provided but in a small way of business.

Grim was in the Arnarvatn Heath all the winter after Hallmund's death. Afterwards Thorkell the son of Eyjolf came to the heath and fought with him.

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