Kettles in King Harald's Saga

Verses by THORKEL SKALLASON in Chapters 96 and 97 about Earl Watheof's uprising against William the Conqueror in 1069. He was an Icelandic Court poet in the retinue of Earl Waltheof.

THORKEL GEYSA was the Danish Chieftain of Hornwood. His daughter was called Dotta.

KING STEINKEL of Sweden 1056-1066.

         |                             |                 |
     King Olaf    KETIL KALF = Gunnhild of Rignes      King Harald of Norway
                           |                   |
              Eindridi = Sigrid      Guthorm Gunnhildarson

         |                    |
      Skuli              KETIL HOOK
Skuli lived in England. Ketil Hook lived in Halogaland and England. He set sail from Ravenspur at the mouth of the Humber.

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