Kettles in Njal's Saga

Njal's Saga spans the period from c930 when Njal was born to c1016 when Kari and Flosi are reconciled. At the core of the story is the tragedy of the influential farmer and sage, Njal Thorgeirsson of Bergthorsknoll, Iceland, who with his family is burned alive in his home by a confederacy of exemies. The long tale of events that lead up to this, and the consequences of it that spill over into many of the countries of Europe, form the central theme; but it is a theme with innumerable ramifications.

The original manuscript was written c1280 and the oldest surviving manuscript was written c1300.

                                   King Haleyg of Halogaland
                                        Thorgerd (female)
                                         Hervor (female)
                                           Bjorn Buna
        King Kjarval of Iceland                |
                          |             KETIL FLAT-NOSE
Eyvind the Easterner = Rafarta       __________|________________________________
                     |               |                                         |
              Helgi the Lean = Thorunn Hyrna           Olaf the White = Aud the Deep-Minded
                             |                                        |
             Audun Rotin = Helga                               Thorstein the Red
                         |                               _____________|___________       
                       Einar = Valgerd                   |                       |
                             |                        Thorgerd              Olaf Feilan
                           Eyjolf                        |                       |       
                             |                Hoskuld Dala-Kollsson        Hrut Herjolfsson
                          Gudmund                ________|________
                             |                   |               |
                             :                Thorleik          Olaf
                       BISHOP KETIL
Ketil Flatnose, Olaf the White, Aud the Deep-Minded and Thorstein the Red were real people and are described in more detail in the page on Viking Kettles in Scotland and Ireland .

                      Storolf Haengsson
        Gunnar Baugsson = Hrafnhild
     |                                         |
Hrafn the Lawspeaker                         Hamund = Rannveig
                     |             |            |           |              |          |
                  Arngunn    Orm Woodnose     Hjort    Orm the Strong    Gunnar    Kolskegg
The Lawspeaker and President of the Althing was elected by the priest-chieftains for a three year term of office. He could also be reelected for further terms. His main duty was to recite from memory the entire code of the law, one third of the code each year, at the opening of the Althing. Hrafn Hængsson was the first Lawspeaker of the Althing in 930 until 949.

                         ASKEL the Silent
           Thorgeir Gollnir = Asgerd
Askel the Silent was a Chieftain.

                                             |                                                 |
             KETILBJORN THE OLD from Mosfell = Helga                                        HALLKELL
                             ________________|__________________                               |
                             |                                 |                             Skarf
                            Teit = Alof                     THORKATLA (female)          _______|________________
                       __________|_______________                 |                     |        |             |
                      |                         |           Geir the priest           OTKEL   HALLKEL   Hallbjorn the White
      Ondott Crow = Jorunn               Gizur Teitsson                            _____|_____
                  |                         __________|____________________        |         | 
                Asgrim                      |                             |     Thorgeir   Signy
                  |               Bishop Isleif Gizurarson     Mord = THORKATLA
             Ellida-Grim                                            |
            ______|_____________________________                 Rannveig (female)
            |                                  |
         Asgrim                              Sigfus        
   _________|____________________              |
   |          |       |         |           Thorgerd (female)
Thorhall   Thorhall  Grim   Thorhalla          |
                                         Saemund the Learned
Gizur Teitsson was also known as Gizur the White, a powerful chieftain of Mossfell. Otkel lived at Kirkby. SKAMKEL of Lesser-Hof was a friend of Otkel.

                                   Sighvat the Red
                    |                                              |
                Mord Fiddle                                      Sigfus        
                    |                   ___________________________|______________________________________________
Valgard the Grey = Unn                  |                 |       |       |        |       |       |     |       |
                 |                    KETIL = Thorgerd  Thrain Sigmund Steinvor THORKEL  Sigurd  Lambi  Mord  Rannveig                     
        Mord Valgarsson = THORKATLA
Thorkatla was the daughter of Gizur the White; see previous tree.
Thorgerd (Ketil's wife) was the daughter of NJAL, Thrain lived in Grjotriver in Fljotshlid. Ketil lived in Mork.

Thorkel's arm was cut off by Thorgeir Skorar-Geir using the axe 'Battle-Troll", Mord was killed in the same battle and Ketil escaped. These brothers were called 'The Sigfussons'.

It was probably the same KETIL that was the father of Modolf of Asar. Modolf and Lambi died in a second fight

               Thorir Thidrandi of Veradale
                      KETIL RUMBLE
                   Thridrandi the Wise
                 |            |                     |                      |
Hall of Sida = Joreid    KETIL RUMBLE = Flosi    Thorvald              HALLKATLA
                                                    |             __________|_____________
                                           Helgi Droplaugarson    |                      |
                                                               THORKEL        Thridrandi Geitisson
Ketil Rumble the younger lived at Njardvik. Thorkel Geitisson lived at Krossavik.

                             THORKEL BOUND-FOOT (female)
                            Bork Bluetooth-Beard = Hallbera
                           |                                   |
              Egil Kolsson = Steinvor                Starkad Thrihyrning
                                            |          |           |                |
                                        Thorgeir      Bork      THORKEL     Hildigunn the Healer

                              Ozur of Breidadale
                          |                         |
                   Thorleif of Beruness       KETIL of Beruness

                   KETIL THE FOOLISH
This family was Christian.

                         Hallbjorn Half-Troll of Hrafnista
                                   KETIL TROUT
                                Grim Hairy-cheek
                                    KETIL SEAL
                                  Thorir Snippet
THORKEL THE LONG        ________________|_________________
       |                |                                 |
     Tjorvi      THORKEL THE BLACK                    Orm Trunkback               
       |                |                                 |
Thorgeir the Priest = Gudrid                       Hlenni the Old
             THORKEL BRAGART
Thorkel the Black came from Hleidrargard. Thorgeir the Priest was a heathen from Ljosawater. Hlenni the Old came from Saurby.

                     Skidi the Old
                       KETIL FOX
                      Bard of Al
                      Eilif Eage
                    Atli the Strong = Herdis
                       Gudmund = Thorlaug
                          BISHOP KETIL
Gudmund the Powerful of Modruvellir in Eyjaford.

        Eirik Bristle-Beard
        Eirik from Goddales
             THORKEL = Thorunn
          Haf the Wealthy


            Thorir Thridrandi
             KETIL THRYM
         Thidrandi the Wise     THORKEL THE SAGE
                     |              |
              KETIL THRYM   =    Yngvild
               |                         |
        THORKEL THE SAGE             Thorvald
Thorkel the Sage the younger and Thorvald lived at Njardvik.

Thorvald was killed by Thorgeir with the axe "Battle-Troll", the ax that Skarp-Hedin had owned.

The sons of KETIL THE SMOOTH-TONGUED were together with Hall the Strong at the killing of Holta-Thorir.

THORKEL ELFARA-POET wrote a poem about the death of Gunnar.

THORKEL of Stafafell

There is a place called VELLANDKATLA, below Gjabakki.

ASKEL THORKETILSSON of Reykjardale was a chieftain in the north quarter.

Skapti's good at stopping fights
But Asgrim stopped him - with a spear
Holmstein didn't really want to flee
And THORKEL didn't really want to fight
- Snorri the Priest

THORKEL was a farmer in the East Fjords who was a neighbour of Gunnar. Elsewhere, the book says he is a lawyer. Put to flight by Thorgeir Skorar-Geir in a fight.

KETIL of Elda was killed by Skapti Thoroddsson. Ketil had a son called Olaf and sons of Gunnar arranged a passage on Olaf's trading ship.

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