Viking Sagas

Although they have some basis in fact, Viking sagas were primarily designed to provide entertaining stories for long winter evenings. The stories were passed on and embellished for several hundred years before they were written down in the 14th century. No character or activity in the Sagas can be assumed to be 'real' without corroborative evidence and some of the more unusual activities should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt.
An important sourcebook which I have not yet read is Landnamabok; the history of the settlers of Iceland.
--- Landnamabok, Ellwood, Thomas (tr):Wales: Llanerch Press
--- "Landnamabok" in Origines Islandicae, Vigfusson, Gudbrand and Powell, F. York (ed.):n.l.: Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1905.
--- Landnámabók (The Book of Settlements) , Palsson, Hermann; and Edwards, Paul (tr), University of Manitoba Icelandic Studies, 1972 (Books Demand UMI), ISBN=0835773426
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Ketils Saga Hængs
Ketil's own saga!
Kettles in Egil's Saga
Ketil Trout of Hrafnista is the same person as Kettle Hæng. Apparently, Vikings didn't distinguish between salmon (=hæng) and trout.
Kettles in Njal's Saga
Loads of 'em.
Kettles in Laxdæla Saga
Especially Ketil Flatnose and family.
Kettles in King Harald's Saga

Kettles in Grettir's Saga

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