What was new in 2000 and 2001

26 Dec 2001New Lead: Sue Mason (nee Kettle)
26 Dec 2001New Lead: Leslie Chapelle
26 Dec 2001Link to the Kettle Genealogy Forum
26 Dec 2001New Lead: Lyn brooke
26 Dec 2001New Lead: Dwight Anderson
30 Sep 2001New Lead: Maureen Roberts
09 Sep 2001Jack Kettle, infamous outlaw
16 Aug 2001New Lead: Edmund Louis Kyttle
05 Aug 2001New Lead: Marion
25 Jul 2001New Lead: lyndon kettle
02 Jul 2001New Lead: Betty Hardy
20 Jun 2001New Lead: Robyn Kinne
30 May 2001New Lead: Philip W Kettle
13 May 2001Update to Anna Kettle's family tree
13 Apr 2001Hunting for the birth of my most aged ancestor, James Kettle
08 Apr 2001New Lead: linda Heidenreich
24 Mar 2001New Lead: angela marie kettle
16 Mar 2001New Lead: Carla Kittle-Akers
24 Feb 2001New Lead: Paul Nance
03 Feb 2001New Lead: Sean kettle
23 Jan 2001New Lead: Mike Kettle
16 Jan 2001New Lead: Ann Oliver
15 Jan 2001New Lead: Tony Kettle
11 Jan 2001New Lead: Eleanor Oatway
09 Dec 2000New Lead: Nancy Dettbarn
24 Nov 2000New Lead: Liz Hardie
19 Nov 2000New Lead: Steven Williams
29 Oct 2000Benjamin Kettle, schoolmaster
06 Oct 2000Norfolk, England Kettles/Kiddells/etc. up until about 1750 Contributed by Bob Leahy
06 Oct 2000New Lead: Trevor Cattell
24 Sep 2000New Lead: Kathleen Kettles-Russotti
24 Sep 2000New Lead: Sharon Molesworth
25 Aug 2000New Lead: wendy partner
24 Aug 2000New Lead: Mrs. Mal Pace
28 Jul 2000New Lead: John Brown
16 Jul 2000Update to Anna Kettle's family tree
14 Jul 2000New Lead: Robin HEAD
14 Jul 2000New Lead: Evelyn
03 May 2000New Lead: Alan Kettle
24 Apr 2000New Lead: Sherry Bevan
11 Apr 2000New Lead: Sherri Myers-Wray
31 Mar 2000New Lead: Ann LaCoss
28 Mar 2000New Lead: Brian Hurst
18 Mar 2000Update to "The origin of the Kettle name"
18 Mar 2000New Lead: Ngaire Montgomerie
18 Mar 2000New Lead: Pat Winfree
11 Mar 2000New Lead: John R. McBride
11 Mar 2000New Lead: Peter Kettle
11 Mar 2000New Lead: Karen Rattray
03 Mar 2000New Lead: Nicholas Kettle
03 Mar 2000New Lead: Barb Allen Coons
03 Mar 2000New Lead: julie laughton
03 Mar 2000New Lead (update): sue wilson
13 Feb 2000New Lead: sue wilson
13 Feb 2000New Lead: Margie Furze
07 Feb 2000New Lead: Brent Richards
25 Jan 2000George Kiddle of Sherborne - Clockmaker
25 Jan 2000New Lead: Peter S. WYANT
03 Jan 2000New Lead: Steven Kittelsrud
03 Jan 2000New Lead: Frank W. Brown

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