Prices for Pargets and Pargeting Work

I charge £35 an hour from my door, plus materials and travel expenses at cost. I am not VAT registered. 

Parget Conservation Work

I try to be up front about costs and will not land you with unexpected bills. But you will understand that it is not possible to give a precise cost of conservation works in advance as it is not until the work has been uncovered and investigated that the extent of any nasties can be known. 

It may make sense to phase the work, doing preliminary investigations first so I can give you a sensible estimate of the cost to completion. 

Parget Design

Pargets are more varied. 

For a reasonably straightforward parget such as stamped work, a running frieze or a date panel I can give you a fixed price if you like.

  • If you prefer to do the parget design yourself then I can work from your drawings. 
  • I can design a unique parget to fit your space. 

For more complex pargets we will discuss ideas by phone or email, meet once or twice beforehand and I might produce sketches preparatory to making a full size drawing for your approval. I will do this preliminary work for an agreed fixed price and once we have finalised a design I can if you like give you a fixed price for the actual pargeting. 

I have priced some of the pargets in my portfolio so you can get some idea of cost.

  • For a typical parget this translates to about £500 per square metre for smaller jobs, but in general larger pargets are much more cost effective than small ones. 
  • Lime plaster takes some days to be set enough for me to walk away from it permanently, so it is good if I am still on site continuing the work so I can easily check that yesterday's work is setting well.

I am based near St Neots, Cambridgeshire 

However I am happy to work anywhere if the work is interesting. 

Illustrated Talk on Pargetting

For £50 plus expenses I give a Photoshop illustrated talk on pargeting, covering subjects such as the history of pargeting, types of pargeting and materials used. 

Please feel free to phone or email for free advice

If you want large areas of flatwork plastering, then I am not the person to ask.